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Adaptive hypertext is one of the areas in which there has already been much deployed work. We are working on scrutably adaptive hypertext systems.

These focus aspects like:

  • supporting authors in building such documents;
  • supporting users in seeing what has been adapted to them;
  • exploring the learning impact of such scrutability.
Tutor3 - Marek Czarkowski's thesis work, exploring who we might make adaptive hypertext scrutable;
Serena Potts cellerator-portal based scrutable adaptive hypertext, combining the ideas and experiences of Tutor into a portal-based implementation that extends the user modelling with PersonisLite user models;
Simprac, Doug Chesher's simulation learning environment for management of chronic illness with the user model, in considerable detail, is used to support reflective learning.
Assess, which has been the work of several students, to support reflection by asking the learner to explicitly assess their own and system-supplied solutions to programming problems.
More about adaptive hypertext
Peter Brusilovsky's wonderful collection of resources on Adaptive Hypertext.
LeMoRe Learner Modelling for Reflection
US Patent 761566 Customization of network documents by accessing customization information on a server computer using unique user identifiers,
Inventors: Isaac; Steven A. (Bellevue, WA); Grossman; Mark B. (Kirkland, WA); Critchfield; Ron E. (Redmond, WA); Tuchen; Michael H. (Seattle, WA); Gwertzman; James S. (Seattle, WA); McDaniel; Paul A. (Bellevue, WA)
Assignee: Microsoft Corporation (Redmond, WA)
Abstract: User-selected customization information for a network (e.g., HTML) document is stored at a server with reference to user identifying information that uniquely identifies the user. Whenever the user navigates back to the network address of the HTML document, the user is identified automatically and receives a customized HTML document formed in accordance with the customization information.
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My recent conferences
HyperText03 - Fourteenth International ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia, August 26-30, 2003.
WWW2003 - The Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference, 20-24 May 2003, Budapest, Hungary.
AH2003 - Workshop on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems, June 2003, Johnstown, USA.
ADCS2002 - Australian Document Computing Symposium Seventh Australasian Document Computing Symposium, December 16, 2002, Sydney, Australia.
WBES - Workshop on Concepts and Ontologies in Web-based Educational Systems Held in conjunction with ICCE 2002 International Conference on Computers in Education 3-6 December 2002 Auckland, New Zealand
Selected papers
Czarkowski, M and J Kay, (2003) Challenges of Scrutable Adaptivity, Proceedings of AIED Conference, 11th International Conference on Artificifial Intelligence in Education, IOS Press 404 - 407.
Czarkowski, M and J Kay, (2003) How to give the user a sense of control over the personalization of adaptive hypertext? Workshop on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems, User Modeling 2003 Session 121-132. on-line proceedings
An Individualised Course for the C Programming Language J Kay and R J Kummerfeld, Elsevier, 1994.
Selected edited proceedings available online

UM99 Kay, J, (1999) Editor, User Modeling: Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference, UM99, Springer.
ADCS2002 Kay, J and J Thom (eds), Australian Document Computing Symposium Seventh Australasian Document Computing Symposium, 16 December, 2002, Sydney, Australia.
ADCS2001 online proceedings, Kay, J and A-M Vercoustre (eds), Australian Document Computing Symposium, Sixth Australasian Document Computing Symposium, Friday, 7 December, 2001, Coffs Harbour, Australia.
WWW filtering Workshop online proceedings, Kay, J and R J Kummerfeld (eds), World Wide Web Filtering Workshop, User Modeling 96, January, 1996, Hawaii, USA.