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Visualisation of large user models
If user models and personalisation processes are to be scrutable, we need tools that will enable users to easily see large user models.
James Uther and Judy Kay
VlUM is a Visualisation for showing Large User Models. Originally developed to help medical students find topic areas they need to study, it has also been used to show movie recommendations.
Ontology-based user model construction and visualisation
Andrew Lum and Judy Kay
This is complementary to our work on ontologies. It applies ontologies to reason about users and to structure a graph representation of their user model. This graph is critical to the effectiveness of any visualisation tool since it defines which parts of the model are presented to the user at one time.
VlUM demo
original VlUM source
VlUM thesis


Lum A, S Holden, J Kay, (2002) Visualisation of Document and Concept Spaces, Kay, J and J Thom, (eds) Proceedings ADCS2002, Australian Document Computing Symposium, 16 December 2002, to appear. online proceedings


Uther, J and J Kay, (1999) Describing and viewing large user models Proceedings of ADCS'99, Australian Document Computing Symposium, 81 -- 84.


Uther, J and J Kay, (1998) Compact display of large user models, Proceedings of Pan-Sydney Area Visual Information Processing Workshop (VIP'98), 60-64.


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