Basser Seminar Series

2005 Seminars

  • Multimodal Preferences under Laboratory and Real-world Settings, Rainer Wasinger, German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Abstract
  • Noncooperative load balancing in distributed systems, Anthony T. Chronopoulos, Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at San Antonio, Abstract
  • Data Transformation for Privacy-Preserving Data Mining, Osmar R. Zaiane, University of Alberta, Canada, Abstract
  • Network Routing Robust Against Byzantine Failures, Dr Radia Perlman, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems Laboratories, Abstract
  • How to give a (Conference) Presentation, Professor Norman Foo, School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW and Senior Principal Research Scientist, NICTA, Kensington Site, Abstract
  • Sensing People – Sensing Environments, Professor Thomas Sikora, Technical University Berlin, Abstract
    Scalable Scientific Visualization : a Pixel Plumber's Perspective, Mark Shand, Hewlett Packard, Abstract
  • Google Maps - Organizing the World's Information, Geographically, Lars Eilstrup Rasmussen, Google, Abstract
  • Mobile Management Schemes for Wireless Mobile Networks, Javid Taheri, Postgraduate student, Advanced Networks Research Group, School of IT, Abstract
  • Inductive Programming, Lloyd Allison, School of Computer Science & Software Engineering, FIT, Monash University, Victoria, Abstract
  • Unsupervised classification of dynamic positron emission tomography datasets, Brian Parker, Postgraduate Student, Biomedical and Multimedia Research (BMIT) Group, Abstract
  • SIT Postgraduate Panel: Meet SIT's PhD Alumni, Rex Di Bona (1995), Amila Fernando (1999), Carsten Friedrich (2002) and Jenny Liu (2004) Abstract
  • Scheduling Hierarchical Malleable Task Graphs, Professor Dr. Wolf Zimmermann, Martin-Luther-University, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany (Abstract)
  • Million Books to the Web - Technological Challenges and Research Issues, Professor N. Balakrishnan, Chairman, Division of Information Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India (Abstract]])
  • Motivated Agents, Kathryn Merrick, PhD student, NICTA IMAGEN Research Program, Multimedia Computing Research Laboratory, The University of Sydney (Abstract)
  • Using Technologies of Ubiquitous Computing to Assist Caregivers of Children with Autism, Associate Professor Gregory D. Abowd, College of Computing & GVU Center, Georgia Institute of Technology (Abstract)
  • Grid Computing: Challenges and Opportunities, Mohammed Aal Salem, PhD Student, Networks and Systems Research Laboratory, School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney (Abstract)
  • MyLifeBits a Memex-inspired personal store for everything: A TP Database, Gordon Bell, Microsoft Bay Area Research Center (Abstract)
    Click here for Video of Gordon Bell's seminar
  • Computational Methods for Analysis and Generation of Musical Rhythm Timelines, Godfried Toussaint, School of Computer Science, McGill University (Abstract)
  • Distribution and Storage of Data on Local and Remote Disks in Multi-Use Clusters of PCs Felix Rauch Valenti, NICTA/ETH Zurich (Abstract)
  • The Scamseek Project - Identifying Financial Scams on the Internet Jon Patrick, University of Sydney (Abstract)
  • Virtuous and Vicious Cycles in Knowledge Management: The Infosys Experience Sanjay Purohit , Associate Vice President and Head of Corporate Planning Infosys Technologies Ltd. Bangalore, India (Abstract)
  • Interpreting the Data Rob Pike, Google, Inc. (Abstract)
  • Doing Active Harm: Patterns of Process, Chaos,and Anti-Process in Business and Information Technology
    George Kelly Flanagin, Bright-Crayon, LLC (Abstract)
  • Project Nightingale: from SharePic and MEMENTO to Anotepic Trent Apted and David West, NICTA (Abstract)
  • Usability and Software Architecture: Experience in Supporting the Mars Exploration Rover Mission Len Bass, CMU, Software Engineering Institute (Abstract)
  • Context Modelling for Ubiquitous Computing Thomas Strang, University of Innsbruck, Austria Abstract)
  • Audio Pro with Multiple DSPs and Dynamic Load Distribution Barry Vercoe, MIT Media Lab (Abstract)
  • Virtual Characters in a Physical World Michael Kruppa, DFKI Saarbrücken, Germany (Abstract)
  • Policy Management For Autonomic Data Management Dr Mukesh Mohania, IBM India Research Lab (Abstract)