List of Research Graduates

The following people have graduated from the School with PhD, MPhil or MSc degrees. (Please note, the School of Information Technologies was formerly the Basser Department of Computer Science).

Year Name Thesis title Degree
2016 Clayphan, Andrew Harnessing the Affordances of Interactive Tabletops for Collaborative Activities PhD
2016 Zhang, Donghao Automatic Neuron Reconstruction Based on 3D Microscopic Images MPhil
2016 Machet, Tania Improving Laboratory Learning Outcomes: An Investigation Into The Effect Of Contextualising Laboratories Using Virtual Worlds And Remote Laboratories PhD
2016 Webster, Kellie Improved Coreference Resolution Using Cognitive Insights PhD
2016 Zhang, Tong An integrated framework for magnetic resonance image reconstruction and segmentation PhD
2016 Petersen, Henry Generating High Precision Classification Rules for Screening of Irrelevant Studies in Systematic Review Literature Searches PhD
2016 Zhang, Lelin Scalable Content-based Image and Video Retrieval PhD
2016 Cui, Hui Topological Graph Models For Multimodality Image Segmentation For Precision Oncology PhD
2016 Marchant Matus, Roman Bayesian Optimisation for Planning in Dynamic Environments PhD
2016 Ringland, Nicola Structured Named Entities PhD
2016 Dawborn, Tim DOCREP: Document Representation for Natural Language Processing PhD
2016 Ng, Dominick Evaluating Parsers with Dependency Constraints PhD
2016 Li, Qing Medical Image Analysis with Neural Network and Deep Learning MPhil
2016 Ahn, Euijoon Sparse Coding for Medical Image Analysis: Applications to Image Segmentation and Classification MPhil
2016 Dey, Akon Samir Cherry Garcia: Transactions across Heterogeneous Stores PhD
2015 Oliveira Vido, Carlos Eduardo Multi-Support Gaussian Processes for Continuous Occupancy Mapping MPhil

Jung, Younhyun

Feature-driven Volume Visualization of Medical Imaging Data PhD

Wang, Jingcheng

A Rule-based Methodology and Feature-based Methodology for Effect Relation Extraction in Chinese Unstructured Text MPhil

Lee, Min-Zhao

Computer-Aided Diagnosis in Radiology: Medical Image Analysis for the Scoring of Chest Radiographs in Cystic Fibrosis MPhil

Sladescu, Matthew

Proactive Event Aware Cloud Elasticity Control PhD

Wang, Fei

Robust and Adversarial Data Mining PhD

Jiang, Qingye

Executing Large Scale Scientific Workflows in Public Clouds MPhil

Lu, Peng

Application profiling and resource management for MapReduce PhD

Surian, Didi

Novel Applications Using Latent Variable Models PhD

Dong, Zhongli

Power-Aware Public Resource Management MPhil

Liu, Sidong

Multimodal Neuroimaging Analysis for Neurodegeneration Characterization PhD

Radu, Alexandru

Biological Network Analysis through Global Pairwise and Multi-way Network Alignment PhD

Moghaddam, Mahboobeh

Combinatorial Auction-based Mechanisms for Composite Web Service Selection PhD

Guan, Genliang

Novel Perspectives and Approaches to Video Summarization PhD

Ott, Lionel

Unsupervised Learning for Long-Term Autonomy PhD

Rahmanian, Bahareh

Augmenting the Performance of Image Similarity Search through Crowdsourcing MPhil

Stern, Andrea

An Ethnographic Study of the Enactment of Service Level Agreements in Complex IT-intensive Business-to-Business Services PhD

Zhan, Kai

First-Person Activity Recognition PhD

Hoseinyfarahabady, Mohammadreza

A Framework for Approximate Optimization of BoT Application Deployment in Hybrid Cloud Environment PhD
2015 Meymandpour, Rouzbeh Semantic Analysis of Linked Open Data: An Information Content-Based Approach PhD
2015 Radford, William Linking Named Entities to Wikipedia PhD
2015 Safari, Leila A Clinical Data Analytics Language (CliniDAL) PhD
2015 Kakkad, Vasvi Curracurrong: A Stream Processing System for Distributed Environments PhD
2015 Seethamraju, Jaya Impact of Business Intelligence (BI) Systems Use on Process Level Performance MPhil

Ou, Ying

Automatic Population of Structured Reports from Narrative Pathology Reports PhD
2015 Billingsley, Richard Deep Learning for Semantic and Syntactic Structures PhD
2014 Li, Ang Medical Image Segmentation Based on Dirichlet Energies and Priors MPhil
2014 O'Keefe, Timothy Extracting and Attributing Quotes in Text and Assessing them as Opinions PhD
2014 Aljawder, Maan Mubarak A Contingent Approach to Project Management and Organisation: An Empirical Analysis PhD
2014 Subotic, Pavle Applying Elimination-Based Algorithms to Abstract Interpretation MPhil
2014 Tsang, Dominic Wai Keung An algorithmic approach to Approximate Query PhD
2014 Lu, Shiyang Large-scale interactive exploratory visual search PhD
2014 McCalman, Lachlan Function Embeddings for Multi-modal Bayesian Inference PhD
2014 Babaie, Tahereh New Methods for Network Traffic Anomaly Detection PhD
2014 Dong, Pei Pixel Domain and Compressed Domain Video Analysis for Smart Information Extraction PhD
2014 Wu, Hao B-Alarm: an Entropy Based Burst Traffic Prediction Approach for Data Center Switches MPhil
2014 Tse, Quincy Chi Kwan Towards Reliable Geographic Broadcasting in Vehicular Networks PhD
2014 Chen, Junliang Economic-based Resource Management for Provisioning Scientific Application Services in the Cloud PhD
2014 Chen, Hao Esemble learning for Prediction of the Bioactivity Capacity of Herbal Medicines from Chromatographic Fingerprint MPhil
2014 Wang, Ying On The Visual Similarity Analysis And Visualization Of Art Image Data PhD
2014 Rana, MD Mashud Energy Time Series Prediction PhD
2014 Pang, Xiaolin Scalable Algorithms For Outlier Detection PhD
2014 Li, Hongsheng An extended HD Fluent Analysis of Temporal knowledge in OWL-based clinical Guideline System MPhil
2014 Wang, Shanshan Study of Analytic and Trained Dictionaries for Sparse Representation and its Applications PhD (Cotutelle)
2014 Nothman, Joel Grounding event references in news PhD
2014 Yu, Yue Resilience Strategies for Network Challenge Detection, Identification and Remediation PhD
2014 Martinez-Maldonado, Roberto Analysing, visualising and supporting collaborative learning using interactive tabletops PhD
2014 Bastani, Saeed Reliability and Efficiency of Vehicular Network Applications PhD
2014 Guizilini, Vitor Non-Parametric Learning for Monocular Visual Odometry PhD
2014 Yin Zhizhou Automated Concept Mapping and Post-coordination Generation from Narrative Clincial Notes MPhil
2013 Tselishchev, Yuriy Designing a Mac Protocol for Body Area Networks PhD
2013 Southavilay, Vilaythong A Data Mining Toolbox for Collaborative Writing Processes PhD
2013 Rajani, Meena Application Server Caching with Freshness Guarantees PhD
2013 Wong, Wai Ho Predicting Demand in Cloud Computing Environments PhD
2013 Kumar, Ashnil A graph-based approach for the retrieval of multi-modality medical images PhD
2013 Yu, Kaimin Towards Realistic Facial Expression Recognition PhD
2013 Nguyen, Hoang Minh Dung Information Extraction from Radiology Reports for a Population Based Cancer Registry PhD
2013 Leslie, Luke Resource Provisioning Exploiting Cost and Performance Diversity Within Iaas Cloud Providers MPhil
2013 Bi, Lei An Automated and Robust Tumours Detection and Segmentation Framework for Whole-Body PET-CT Studies MPhil
2013 Tse, Daniel Gar-shon Chinese CCGbank: Deep derivations and dependencies for Chinese CCG parsing PhD
2013 Kim, Sereyvuth The classification of Information and Communication Technology Investment in Financial Accounting MPhil
2013 Mohd Yatid, Moonyati Binti Correlations between Cooperative Human Behaviours and Collaboration Technologies PhD
2013 Babbar, Sakshi Inferring Anomalies from Data using Bayesian Networks PhD
2013 Song, Yang Medical Image Analysis with Visual Context Modeling PhD
2013 Gluga, Richard Foundations for Modelling Long-term Learning and Progression in Higher Education PhD
2013 Babaii Rizvandi, Nikzad Statistical Performance Prediction and Evaluation of Distributed Computing Systems PhD
2013 Fitzgerald, Emma Achieving dynamic road traffic management by distributed risk estimation in vehicular networks PhD
2013 Nguyen, Hoang Quan Models and Methods for Big Graph Visualization PhD
2013 Lichtenstein, Ilana A Bioinformatic Analysis of Microna-mediated Biological Networks in Endothelial Cells PhD
2013 Yu, Xiao A Pattern-oriented Rule-based Approach for Information Extraction from Chines Free Text MPhil
2013 Farhad, Sardar Mohammad Orchestration of Stream Programs on Multicores PhD
2013 Reisi Dehkordi, Hooman On Algorithmic Right Angle Crossing Graph Drawing MPhil
2013 Schneider, Markus Multi-Task Copula Processes MPhil
2013 O'Callaghan, Simon

Continuous Occupancy Maps for the Representation of Unstructured Environments

2013 El Shawi, Radwa Mohamed Path Queries and Data Collection in Geormetric Networks PhD
2013 Zheng, Chaojie Volumetric Image Segmentation and Registration for Lung Tumor Monitoring and Assessment MPhil
2013 Cui, Hui Lung Tumor Segmentation based on PET/CT Image Feature Analysis MPhil
2012 Van De Ven, Joop Johannes Wilhelmus Efficient Porbabilistic Inference for Mobile Robot Localisation PhD
2012 Huang, Ge Localization and Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks PhD
2012 Elghirani, Ali Hassan Data-Intensive Application Scheduling and Replica Placement in Data Grids: A  Synergistic Framework PhD
2012 Jain, Surinder Detecting Buffer Overflows In Imperative Programs MPhil
2012 Wan Nik, Wan Nor Shudadah Resource Selection in Utility-Based Computing Environments PhD
2012 Li, Chang Yang Statistical Analysis Based Segmentation for Multimodality Images PhD
2012 Constantinescu, Liviu SparkMed: A Dynamic m-Health Infrastructure for Nuclear Medicine Workflows PhD
2012 Zhang, Zhe Evolutionary Algorithm Based Neuroimage Analysis for Dementia Classification MPhil
2012 Song, Joo Hee Improving Search in Social Tagging Systems by Constructing Hierarchical Structures of Concepts MPhil
2012 Asgari, Pooyan Intensive Care Real-time Auditing Information System PhD
2012 Wang, Jiabin Variational Bayes Inference Based Segmentation Algorithms for Brain PET/CT Images MPhil
2012 Li, Min Investigation, Design and Implementation of a Clinical Question Answering System PhD
2012 Sabbagh Jafari, Seyed Mojtaba Text Mining in Clinical Notes PhD
2012 Nguyen, Lu Dang Khoa Large Scale Anomaly Detection and Clustering Using Random Walks PhD
2012 Chung, Youn Jin The Self-Organizing Map Tree: A Data Analysis Method for Multiple Data Sets Using Visualization of Weight Vector Associations MPhil
2012 Shi, Xian A Study on Static Image Derived Input Function for Non-invasively Constructing Parametric Image in Function Imaging MPhil
2012 Lin, Winston Huairen Lin Extracting Ontological Structures From Collaborative Tagging Systems PhD
2012 Hussin, Masnida Reliable Resource Allocation for Distributed Computing Systems PhD
2012 Kasmiran, Khairul Ashar Computational Methods for the Retrospective Analysis of HIV/Aids Treatment Change Decisions PhD 
2012 Ng, Choon Jin Content and Service Delivery Mechanisms for Spontaneous Synchronous Collaboration PhD
2012 Li, Wei Adaptive Scheduling of the Execution of Multiple Applications in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks PhD
2012 Parthy, Abhaya Design and Implementation of Cylindrical and Spherical Microphone Arrays for Sound Field Recording and Playback PhD
2012 Wang, Jiyong Tumour Segmentation, Tracking and Analysis in Intra-Subject Whole-Body PET-CT Scans of Lymphoma Patients MPhil
2012 Chen, Wei High Performance Multiple-Workflow Scheduling Using Task Rearrangement PhD
2012 Zamani, Leila Modelling and Empirical Analysis of Service Interaction Networks MPhil
2012 Yang, Pengyi Ensemble Methods and Hybrid Algorithms for Computational and Systems Biology PhD
2012 Yin, Dawei Co-evolutionary Genetic Algorithm in Symptom-Herb Relationship Discovery MPhil
2012 Lu, Sijun Understanding Surveillance Video and Detecting Events of Interest PhD
2012 Wang, Tai-Chun Computational Experiment for the Solution of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPS) Problems PhD
2012 Hames, Lang Kenneth Specification Driven Register Allocation PhD
2012 Zubizarreta Rodriguez, Jose Active Bayesian Learning of Dynamic Systems MPhil
2012 Ottensooser, Avner Dynamic Workflow-Engine PhD
2012 De Vries, Timothy Outlier Detection and Record Linkage Optimisation for Large Scale and High Dimensional Data PhD
2012 Zhong, Hao Ranking and Filtering Ambiguous Query Results Based on Social Contacts and Quality Indicators MPhil
2011 Collins, Anthony New Dimensions of File Access at Tabletops: Associative and Hierarchical; Private and Shared; Individual and Collaborative PhD
2011 Djordjevic, Bojan Algorithms and Data Structures for Detecting Movement Patterns PhD
2011 Abu Bakar, Sakhinah A Study of Problems in Protein-Protein Interaction Networks: A Computational Approach


2011 Budd, Peter Generative Clinical Information Management Systems PhD
2011 She, Chunnan Evolving Ontology with Textual Resources MPhil
2011 Huang, Xiaochen Category Recommendation in User Specified Structure MPhil
2011 Si, Weisheng Applying Geometric Routing to Wireless Mesh Networks PhD
2011 Zhang, Yitao A Multi-dimensional Approach to Semantic Analysis of Clinical Case Studies PhD 
2011  Zhou, Jianlong  Semi-Automatic Transfer Function Generation for Volumetric Data Visualization Using Contour Tree Analyses PhD 
2010 Ho, Joshua W K Principles And Applications Of Bioinformatics For Systems Medicine PhD
2010 Petersen, Henry Unsupervised Document Categorisation Using Background Knowledge MPhil
2010 Piraveenan, Mahendrarajah Topological Analysis of Complex Networks using Assortativity PhD
2010 Almi’ani, Khaled Data Gathering with Tour-Length Constrained Mobile Elements in Wireless Sensor Networks PhD
2010 Wang, Yefeng Information Extraction from Clinical Notes PhD
2010 Lizier, Joseph The Local Information Dynamics of Distributed Computation in Complex Systems PhD
2010 Liu, Yi Interactive Som-Based Visualization for Image Retrieval MPhil
2010 Qiu, Yiu News Video Annotation with Semantic Context MPhil
2010 Attar, Saeed Cascade: Design and Implementation of a Stream Programming Environment for Wireless Sensor Networks MPhil
2010 Hawker, Tobias Large Scale Resources for Word Sense Disambiguation PhD
2010 Verhein, Florian Mining Complex Spatio-Temporal Movement Patterns PhD
2010 Jurnawan, Winly Data Provenance Support in Relational Databases for Stored Procedures MPhil
2010 Honnibal, Matthew Hat Categories: Representing Form and Function Simultaneously in Combinatory Categorial Grammar PhD
2010 Sun, Yong Efficient Multimodal Input Fusion in Multimodal User Interfaces PhD
2010 Weng, Cheng Learning from Imbalanced Datasets: Performance Evaluation and Data Complexity Analysis PhD
2010 McIntosh, Tara Reducing Semantic Drift in Biomedical Lexicon Bootstrapping PhD
2010 Assad, Mark Active Models for Pervasive Computing PhD
2010 Chanen, (David) Ari A Comparison of Human and Computationally Generated Document Features for Automatic Text Classification PhD
2010 Alqaralleh, Bassam Addressing Data and Access Skew Problems in Data-Indexed Overlays PhD
2009 Murray, Colin Visual-Haptic Information Systems for Abstract Data PhD
2009 Zou, Fengzhong Reliability Analysis of Open and Closed Source Software PhD
2009 Manitpornsut, Suparerk On the Performance of Dense Wireless Local Area Networks in Unlicensed Spectrum, Investigations and Improvement PhD
2009 Anthony, Stephen Question-Based Semantics: Expectations and Explanations PhD
2009 Cahill, Michael Serializable Isolation for Snapshot Databases
Winner of the 2010 Computing Research and Education Association (CORE) Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Prize
2009 Yoo, Paul Dong Hoon Protein Structure Prediction Using Novel Kernel and Sequence Profiling Techniques PhD
2009 Chan, Jason Using Background Knowledge to Solve Text Classification Problems with Limited Labelled Data PhD
2009 Al-Naymat, Ghazi New Methods for Mining Sequential and Time Series Data PhD
2009 Vadas, David Statistical Parsing of Noun Phrase Structure PhD
2009 Cheng, Kelvin Ka Sin Direct Interaction with Large Displays through Monocular Computer Vision PhD
2009 Ababneh, Nedal Energy efficient topology control algorithm for wireless sensor networks PhD
2009 Cheung, Hoi Kok Video Coding with Brightness Variation PhD
2009 Ler, Shan Wen (Daren) Landmarking for Algorithm Selection in Classification PhD
2009 Gong, Peng Adaptive Middleware for Dynamic Integration of Heterogeneous Data Sources PhD
2009 Harre, Michael Sub-Rational Equilibria in Game Theory PhD
2009 Niu, William Ontological Reasoning About Location for Indoor Pervasive Computing Environments PhD
2009 Chen, Xiaoming Adaptive Error Concealment Algorithms for H.264/AVC Applications PhD
2009 Chan, Chung (Jan) Statistical Reconstruction with Anatomical Priors in Positron Emission Tomography PhD
2009 Carmichael, David MyPlace:  Supporting Scrutability and User Control in Location Modelling PhD
2009 Apted, Trent Cruiser and PhoTable: Exploring Tabletop User Interface Software for Digital Photograph Sharing and Story Capture PhD
2009 Alomari, Mohammad Ensuring Serializable Executions with Snapshot Isolation DBMS PhD
2009 Aal Salem, Mohammed A Real-Time Communication Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks PhD
2009 Zamani, Neda Investigating the Role of Trading in the Dynamics of Price Formation of Financial Markets PhD
2009 Liu, Tuo Analytical Modeling of HSUPA-Enabled UMTS Networks for Capacity Planning PhD
2008 Pu, Jun Scrutability and Control of Personalisation in Portal System MSc
2008 Wu, Elizabeth Spatio-Temporal Data Mining and Analysis of Precipitation Extremes MSc
2008 Iftikhar, Mohsin Quality of Service Management in IP Networks with Self-Similar Traffic Input PhD
2008 Merrick, Damian Algorithms for Metro Map Layout PhD
2008 Huang, Weidong Beyond Time and Error: A Cognitive Approach to the Evaluation of Graph Visualizations PhD
2008 Arunasalam, Bavani Support-free Approaches for Pattern Mining PhD
2008 Wu, Yingxin Hybrid Multivariate Network Visualization Combining Dimensional Projection and Graph Drawing PhD
2008 Song, Le Learning via Hilbert Space Embedding of Distributions PhD
2008 Bui, Michael Path Finding on a Spherical Self-Organizing Map Using Distance Transformations MSc
2008 Ahmed, Adel High Quality Camera Paths for Navigating Graphs in Three Dimensional Space PhD
2008 Cutting, Daniel Balancing implicit group messaging over peer-to-peer networks PhD
2008 Hudson, Adam Walkabout: An Asynchronous Messaging Architecture for Mobile Devices PhD
2008 Lee, Young Choon Problem-centric Scheduling for Heterogeneous Computing Systems PhD
2008 Li, Lichao A Reflective Learning Framework for Programming MSc
2008 Lu, Kai Decentralized Load Balancing in Heterogeneous Computational Grids PhD
2008 Tarawenah, Monther A Novel Quartet-Based Method for Inferring Evolutionary Trees from Molecular Data PhD
2008 Zhang, Yan Autonomic Performance Configuration for Component Middleware Systems PhD
2008 Zhao, Zhen The Qphyl System: A Web-Based Interactive System for Phylogenetic Analysis MSc
2008 Zheng, Lanbo Optimisation methods for some constrained crossing number problems PhD
2008 Zia, Tanveer A Security Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks PhD
2007 Al Mazari, Ali Computational Methods for the Analysis of HIV Drug Resistance Dynamics PhD
2007 Carrizo, Savrina Mining spatio-temporal patterns of wildlife strike at Sydney airport MSc
2007 Choi, Hon Chit Reliable parametric imaging algorithms for single photon emission tomography (SPECT) dynamic studies MSc
2007 Corbett, Derek Using location awareness in mobile ad hoc networks PhD
2007 Czarkowski, Marek A Scrutable Adaptive Hypertext PhD
2007 Jang-Jaccard, Julian Building Reliable and Robust Service-Based Systems for Automated Business Processes PhD
2007 Lum, Andrew W K Light-weight Ontologies for Scrutable User Modelling PhD
2007 Merrick, Kathryn Modelling Motivation for Experience-Based Attention forcus in Reinforcement Learning PhD
2007 Premadasa, Kaushalya Dynamically Re-Configurable Transport Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks PhD
2007 Schafer, Stefan Aspects of embedded systems programming: Instruction selection and WCET analysis MSc
2007 Shankar, B A Gowri A Structural and Phylogenetic Analysis of Sytochrom P450 MSc
2007 Shen, Xiaobin Design and Evaluation of Ambient Displays PhD
2007 Sikder, Abdur Rahman Inferring Protein Domain Boundaries and Protein Structure from Amino Acid Sequences PhD
2007 Sun,Pei Outlier detection in high dimensional, spatial and sequential data sets PhD
2007 Taheri, Javid IntelligentMobile Management Schemes for Wireless Mobile Networks PhD
2007 Wang, Da Ze Overcoming the Semantic Problem of Collaborative Tagging Systems with Tag Clusters MSc
2007 Yip, Yu Pan Ben Eye Contact Rectification in Video Conference with Monocular Camera PhD
2007 Zappavigna, Michele Eliciting Tacit Knowledge with a Grammar-Targeted Interview Method PhD
2006 Kim, Jinman Volumes of Interest (VOIs) based Data Analysis and Management of Multi-Dimensional Biomedical Functional Images PhD
2006 Lim, Eugene Medical Information Management, Communication and Security in eHealth PhD
2006 Liu, Wen-Chi Vinci Web Corpus for Natural Language Processing MSc
2006 Lukov, Lior Y Unravelling the Architecture of Membrane Proteins with Conditional Random Fields MSc
2006 Mahmood, Omer Adaptive Profile Driven Data Caching and Prefetching in Mobile Environment MSc
2006 Parker, Brian Graph Algorithms for Dataset Partitioning with Biomedical Applications PhD
2006 Poon, Simon The Business Value Impacts of Information Technology: An Integrative Approach PhD
2006 Wang, Xiu Ying Automatic and Elastic Registration for Biomedical Images PhD
2006 Whitelaw, Casey Systemic Features for Text Classification PhD
2006 Wu, Paul The Efficacy of Commutativity-Based Semantic Locking in an Industrial IP-PBX Platform PhD
2005 Aal Salem , Mohammed Y Studies of the Behaviour of Intragrids Under Variable Bandwidth, Latency, Processor Speed and number of Nodes MSc
2005 Chen, Zhe Temporal and Spatial Processing Algorithms of Brain Functional Datasets: Applications to Compression and Content Analysis PhD
2005 Chesher, Doug Exploring the user of web-based virtual patient to support learning through reflection
(in conjunction with the Department of Pathology within the Faculty of Medicine)
2005 Dwyer, Tim Two-and-a-half-Dimensional Visualisation of Relational Networks PhD
2005 Li, Paul Wanchun Navigating Clustered Graphs MSc
2005 Liu, Shu Yao Performance Investigation of IEEE 802.11e MAC Protocol with Quality of Service for Wireless Networks MSc
2005 Pham, Hong Nguyen Thin Parsing PhD
2005 Pulo, Kevin Structural Focus + Context Navigation of Relational Data (Zip file) PhD
2005 Yang, Ling Nodes failure detection in large scale network MSc
2004 Arunasalam, Bavani Modeling open source software project success using data mining techniques MSc
2004 Balnaves, Edmund Regeneration and reuse of content in the world wide web: a model-based approach PhD
2004 do Nascimento, Hugo Alexandre Dantas User Hints for Optimization Processes PhD
2004 Dowman, Mike Colour Terms, Syntax and Bayes: Modelling Acquisition and Evolution PhD
2004 Liu, Yan A Framework to Predict the Performance of Component-based Applications PhD
2004 Williams, Darren A Bandwidth Management System for Active Networks PhD
2003 Lee, K. H. Text Categorization with a Small Number of Labeled Training Examples PhD
2003 Li, Ming Tasks clustering for scheduling parallel computations PhD
2003 Nesbitt, Keith V. Designing Multi-sensory Displays for Abstract Data PhD
2003 Saunders, Gregory Access Control: Models ad Methods PhD
2003 Yu, Qing Fair Intelligent Feedback Mechanisms over High Speed Networks PhD
2002 Fernando, Amila A dynamically updatable active networking architecture PhD
2002 Friedrich, Carsten Animation in Relational Information Visualization
Winner of the 2003 Computing Research and Education Association (CORE) Best PhD Thesis Award 2000
2002 Goyal, Ishaan Data mining using boosted decision graphs MSc
2002 Patrick, Lachlan GraphApp: A Portable Graphics Package Designed for Teaching PhD
2002 Plunkett, Richard Hybrid fault models for approximate agreement PhD
2002 Uther, James On the visualisation of large user models in web based systems PhD
2002 Wang, Hongshu Medical Image Registration and Statistical Analysis of Its Results MSc
2002 Yu, Xiaomei Quality of Service Mechanisms for Supporting Compressed Video Traffic over High-Speed Networks PhD
2001 Cai, Weidong Biomedical functional imaging data management and processing PhD
2001 Ding, Yulin Dual Drawing Methods for Ruled Surfaces of Particular Shapes MSc
2001 Lesley, Nicole View Synchrony in group communications services PhD
2001 Sheppard, Nicholas Self-reduction for combinatorial optimisation PhD
2000 Parandeh-Gheibi, Noroja Evaluation of a viewable user model in an authentic field study of teaching a text editor MSc
1999 Bem, Ewa Global stability and resilience in a POS PhD
1999 Hollins, Michael Language mechanisms for protecting persistent data PhD
1999 Kay, Judy A scrutable user modelling shell for user-adapted interaction PhD
1999 Kolling, Michael The design of an object-oriented environment and language for teaching
Winner of the 2000 Computing Research and Education Association (CORE) Best PhD Thesis Award 2000
1999 Kwok, Rex Formalising aspects of theoretical term usage PhD
1998 Farrow, James A flexible and extensible data storage and naming system PhD
1998 Hogan, David Hierachical fair queueing PhD
1998 Roberts, Alan Routing on trees under the matching model
Winner of the 1999 Computing Research and Education Association (CORE) Best PhD Thesis Award 2000
1997 Craig, Trevor B-ISDN buffer size PhD
1997 Ho, Dino Efficient biomedical functional image algorithms for data analysis and storage PhD
1997 James, Mark Adaptive model of isocortex PhD
1997 Li, Xianjin Optimal image sampling and its application to positron emission tomography PhD
1997 Lindstrom, Anders User-level memory management and kernel persistence in the grasshopper operating system PhD
1996 Abuaiadh, Diab On the complexity of the shortest path problem PhD
1996 Chen, Pauline Chinese information processing PhD
1996 Cooper, Tim Barbados : an integrated persistent programming environment PhD
1996 Flanagan, Michael A system for flexible concurrency control in an object store PhD
1996 Liu, Yusheng OSI -based RPC mechanisms for open distributed processing : protocol modelling, performance modelling and implementation PhD
1996 Pagnuocco, Maurice Abductive belief change PhD
1996 Ting, Kai Ming Common issues in instance-based and naive Bayesian classifiers PhD
1996 Zheng, Zijian Constructing new attributes for decision tree learning PhD
1995 Di Bona, Rex Data movement in the Grasshopper operating system PhD
1995 Hirst, Stephen Vector trees : a compact data structure for sets PhD
1995 Jalili, Rasool A failure-transparent distributed persistent store PhD
1995 Low, Boon Toh Reasoning about beliefs : an inference network approach PhD
1995 Stirling, David  CHURPS : compressed heuristic universal reaction planning PhD
1995 Tyler, Paul Applying formal methods to causal multicast PhD
1995 Zhang, Dong Mei  A hybrid design process model using case-based reasoning PhD
1994 Dixon, Simon Belief revision : a computational approach PhD
1994 Esteban, Luis Binary Shape Analysis and Pattern Recognition MSc
1994 Fry, Michael End-to-end communication performance PhD
1994 Kuo, Dean Model and verification of recovery algorithms PhD
1994 Lim, Hong Rendering techniques in three-dimensional computer graphics PhD
1994 Peppas, Pavlos Belief change and reasoning about action : an axiomatic approach to modelling inert dynamic worlds and the connection to the logic of theory change PhD
1994 Williams, Mary-Anne Transmutations of Knowledge Systems
Winner of the 1994 Computing Research and Education Association (CORE) Best PhD Thesis Award 2000
1994 Williams, Peter Dynamic memory for design PhD
1994 Zhang, Yan Reasoning About Persistence – A Unified Principle for State Change PhD
1993 Iyer, Sridhar Sankarnarayan On databases and knowledge-bases for modern algebra PhD
1993 Lister, Raymond On making the right moves : neural networks, gradient descent, and simulated annealing PhD
1993 Taylor, Andrew High Performance Prolog Implementation PhD
1992 Catlett, Jason Megainduction : machine learning on very large databases PhD
1992 Grundy, Mark Theorem-prover generation using refutation procedures PhD
1992 Lee, John Concurrency control algorithms for nested transactions PhD
1992 Zic, John CSP+T : a formalism for describing real-time systems PhD
1991 Edwards, Jennifer Matrix and mathematical programming PhD
1991 Wang, Xin Min Computer Simulation Studies on the Effects of Input Functions on the Estimation of Physiological Parameters with Positron Emission Tomography MSc
1990 Ng , Franklin Ego: an expandable goal oriented tutoring system PhD
1990 Vaughan-Taylor, Keir Geodesy: A Geodetic Database System MSc
1989 Garvan, Patrick L CoCROACH Computer Construction of Referenceless On-Axis Complex Holograms MSc
1989 Nicholson, Tim A denotational semantics and machine architecture for Prolog PhD
1989 Srinivasa Rao, Anand Dynamics of belief systems : a philosophical, logical and AI perspective PhD
1989 Wiles, Janet Studies of problems related to parallel distributed associative models of memory PhD
1988 Beadle, Peter Integrating VLSI design synthesis tools PhD
1988 Riley, Ros The meaning of algebraic specification : a unified generalisation of initial and final algebraic semantics PhD
1987 Chung, Cheong Yat (Charles) A Chinese Information Processing System PhD
1987 Politis, George Interpreter for BMN PhD
1987 Shand, Mark Hierachical VLSI artwork analysis PhD
1986 Wong, Siu Kwong J Performance evaluation of d-channel access protocols in ISDN PhD
1985 Cheung, Chun Shan A Study of Computer-Based Message System MSc
1985 Chong, Angellina Information System for Economic and Financial Time Series (ORAK) MSc
1984 Kingston, Jeffrey H. Simulation event list algorithms PhD
1982 Brinck, Keith Analysis of algorithms on threaded trees and related structures PhD
1982 Harris, Wayne John The Automatic Analysis of Rhythm in Keyboard Music MSc
1982 Phipps David C W Pacnet Experiments in Digital Communication via the ATS -1 VHF Satellite Channel MSc
1982 Watson, Charles R Computer analysis polyphonic music PhD
1981 Gerber, Anthony Counters : a tool for process synchronization PhD
1979 Kummerfeld, Robert J. Parallel parsing algorithms PhD
1979 Piotrowski, Leon N Image Enhancement using a Visual Model MSc
1978 Morgan, Charles Parallel programming without synchronisation PhD
1974 Barry, Jerard  M The Finite Element Method MSc
1974 Hynd, John R Evaluation of an operating system for a computer network PhD
1973 Haddon Bruce K Some Facets of the Design of a Computer Operating System MSc
1972 Yuen CK Studies in the theory and applications of walsh functions PhD
1971 Federer, Juan A Generalised, Total Enterprise , Interactive Computer Management Game MSc
1970 Sefton, Ian M Generation of Academic Timetables by Computer MSc
1969 Pratt, Vaughan R  Translations of English into Logical Expressions MSc
1968 Allen, Bryden Direct numerical methods for solving some calculus of variations problems PhD
1967 Newey, Malcolm Charles User Extendable ALGOL and ALGOL Compiler Extension Scheme MSc
1966 Dakin, Robert J A Integer programming: Some techniques and applications PhD
1966 Longe, Oluwumi Continuous Data Input Facilities for Digital Computers and their use in Time Shared Operation MSc