2012 School of IT Research Conversazione Posters

Student Poster Degree Supervisor
ACKAD, Christopher Well-met: For Small Groups Working on  Long Term Projects PhD Kay
ALEXANDER, James Visualising Key & Tempo in Music Hons Takatsuka
BABAII RIZVANDI, Nikzad High Performance Computing of Seismic Data on Mapreduce PhD Zomaya
BARUA, Debjanee Framework for User Control over Personal Data for Lifelong Wellbeing Goals PhD Kay
CLAYPHAN, Andrew Designing a Netotiated System for Scripting Brainstorming at a Tabletop PhD Kay
DE RIDDER, Michael BMIT Avatar: A framework for visually indexing multimedia in Personal Health Records
Winner Smart Services CRC Prize for Best Research Project within an Honours of Masters by Coursework degree
Hons Kim
DONG, Pei Real-Time Storyboard Generation for H.264/AVC Compressed Videos PhD Feng/Xia
DRINKWATER, Benjamin Generating Synthetic Coevolutionary Histories
Winner Smart Services CRC Prize for Best Research Project Work
PhD Charleston
GANDHI, Parth MapReduce Low Latency/High Frequency Financial Data Processing Hons Chawla
GLUGA, Richard Foundations for modelling long-term learning and progression in higher education PhD Kay/Lister
KARPENKOV, Egor Bug-Checking through static analysis within the LLVM-Framework Hons Scholz
LEUNG, Jeffrey Ubiquitous Personalisation at Interactive Surfaces Hons Collins
LOO, Rosalind Issues Surrounding the Classification of Information Technology Investments in Financial Reporting in Australia Hons Poon
LUI, Paul How IT Transformation Impact Change Management Hons Poon
LUONG, Andrew Exploring Novel Grouping and Filtering Mechanisms For Tabletop File Interfaces Hons Collins
MCGRANE, Martin Network Mutation Distance PhD Charleston
MEYMANDPOUR, Rouzbeh A Novel Metric for Linked Data Analysis PhD Davis
OU, Ying Automatic Structured Pathology Reporting of Melanomas PhD Patrick
PETERSEN, Henry Comparison of Literature Search Workload for Systematic Reviews of Diagnosis and Treatment PhD Poon
QIAO, Angela A Solution for Widespread Parasites in Cophylogeny Mapping Hons Charleston
RADU, Alex A heuristic for biological network alignment PhD Charleston
SHIH, I-Cheng Jonny Application of Genetic Algorithms in the analysis of Traditional Chinese Medicine data
Winner Amadeus Prize for Best Research Project within an Honours of Masters by Coursework degree
Hons Poon
SIMONETTA, Anthony A Framework for User Controlled Knowledge Modelling of Mobile Information Delivery Hons Kay
SLADESCU, Matthew Event Aware Elasticity Control PhD Fekete/Liu/Lee
SONG, Yuan Video Summarization with Sparse Representation MIT Wang/Feng
STRETTON, Joshua Implementing the Cophylogenetic Likelihood Model Hons Charleston
TIAN, Gang gangWhat is Happening: Annotating Images with Verbs PhD Guan
WANG, Shanshan Prior Information Exploitation with Analytic and Trained Dictionaries for Effective Signal Recovery PhD Feng/Xia
WANG, Ying Self Organizing Map (SOM) based Artistic Style Analysis and Visualization Hons Takatsuka
WARD, Peter Providing Useful Feedback to Beginner Programmers Hons Curran/Kay
XIAO, Wen Feng Unsupervised Aspect-based Opinion Mining in the Feedback Survey Domain Hons Poon
XU, Mengxi Cynthia Accurate Personalization of Catch-up TV Services Hons Koprinska/Berkovsky
YU, Xiao Rule-based Approach for Information Extraction from Chinese Free Text
Winner Sydnovate Prize for Excellence in Innovation
PhD Poon
ZHAN, Kai Activity Recognition from a Wearable Camera
Winner NICTA Prize for Best Research Project Work
PhD Ramos


The School of Information Technologies accepts no responsibility for the content of the posters and abstracts herein published. The material displayed on this website, and at Research Conversazione 2012 is made available by students of the School for the benefit of industry and for comment and feedback from industry on work which in many cases is ongoing.