2010 School of IT Research Conversazione Posters

Student Poster Degree Supervisor Category
AKEHURST, Joshua A Hybrid Content-Collaborative Reciprocal Recommender for Online Dating Hons Koprinska Computer science
BALASURIYA, Dominic High Performance Execution of Matrix Languages Hons Scholz Computer science
BALLANGAN, Cherry Lung Tumor Segmentation for Whole Body PET Volume PhD Feng / WangX Computer science
CEGUERRA, Rommel The Information Dynamics of Synchrony Hons Zomaya Computer science
Core Operating System Elements for Embedded Interfaces PhD
Computer science
CONSTABLE, James Using Volunteer Contributions from Non-Linguists to Address the Knowledge Bottleneck in NLP Systems PhD Curran Computer science
COWIE, Aaron Collaborative Concept Mapping (Interactive Tabletop) Hons Kay Computer science
DE VRIES, Timothy Efficient Large-Scale Local Outlier Detection PhD Chawla Computer science
DUNG, Nguyen Information Classification in Clinical NLP - I2b2 Challenge PhD Patrick Computer science
ELNOUR, Ammar The Influence of Chance on Data Mining Results PhD Davis Information systems
GEORGOULOPOULOS, Eleni Evaluating the Effect of Sequencing Error on Estimating Phylogenies Hons Charleston Information systems
GUBI, Kurt RoughMaps: Indoor Positioning Using Existing Infrastructure and Symbolic Maps Hons Kay / Wasinger Computer science
HUSSIN, Masnida Adaptive Resource Allocation with Dynamic Job-Clustering in Distributed Computing Systems PhD Zomaya Computer science
JIANG, John Building Contextual Aware Content Based Pub-Sub Systems Hons Kummerfeld Computer science
LAW, Ka Shing Entity Resolution in Financial Text Hons Curran / Hachey Information systems
LI, Changyang Automated Liver Segmentation for Multi-Contrast CT Images PhD WangX Computer science
LI, Min Intelligent Clinical Notes System PhD Patrick Information systems
LIN, Huairen Crowdsourcing for Ontology Development PhD Davis Information systems
LU, Bin Leaf image Retrieval and Classification Hons WangZ / Feng Computer science
MALMASI, Shervin
Real-tim object-based visual protection
Computer science
MARTINEZ, Roberto Mining the collaborative process at the tabletop PhD Kay / Yacef Information systems
MCGRANE, Martin Discovering Interaction Patterns MPhil PoonS Information systems
NG, Dominick Accurate Parsing using Reranking Hons Honnibal / Curran Computer science
NGUYEN, Lu Network Anomaly Detection Using a Commute Distance Based Approach PhD Chawla Computer science
O'KEEFE, Tim Opinion Mining in Web-Scale Corpora PhD Koprinska / Curran Computer science
PETERSEN, Henry Short Text Similarity with Background Knowledge MPhil PoonJ Computer science
QUAH, Audrey User Awareness and Policy Compliance of Data Privacy in Cloud Computing Hons Roehm Information systems
QUEK, Alyssa Structural Image Classification with Graph Neural Networks Hons WangZ / Zhang / Feng Computer science
RADFORD, Will Exploiting Wikipedia for Named Entity Linking PhD Curran / Hachey Information systems
ROBINSON, Gareth Distributed Distributional Similarity Hons Curran Computer science
SHE, Chunnan Ontology evolution with text resources - A study on SNOMED CT clinical terminology MPhil Davis Information systems
SOUTHAVILAY, Vilaythong Data Mining Applications to Computer-Supported Collaborative Writing PhD Yacef Computer science
STEVENSON, Alexander Organisation and Exportation of Media between Tabletop and External Storage Devices Hons Kay Computer science
STEWART, Catherine New Interfaces for Multi-page Document Navigation Hons Kay Computer science
THU, Ma Studying complementarities between capital inputs in IT productivity analysis MITM PoonS PG Courswork (18 Credit point project)
TSE, Daniel Chinese CCGbank: Building fast, accurate, rich parsers for the Chinese-language PhD Curran Computer science
TSELISHCHEV, Yuriy Designing a Medium Access Control Protocol for Body Area Networks PhD Libman / Boulis Computer science
WANG, Jiabin Gaussion Mixture Model based Statistical Segmentation of Neuroimages MITM Feng / Xia PG Courswork (18 Credit point project)
WANG, Jiyong Automated Change Detection of Hot-Spots in Intro-Subject MPhil Feng / Xia Computer science
WANG, Tai-Chun Whole Genome tag SNP Selection Strategy PhD Zomaya Information systems
WILCOX, Georgina Approximating commute times on large graphs Hons Chawla Computer science
YATID, Moonyati Correlation between Location of Remote Scene and Collaborators' Behaviors PhD Takatsuka Computer science
YI, Teang Discovering core and periphery in the resource bundle of Firm: A case study of IT business value Hons PoonS Information systems
ZAMANI, Leila Service Interaction Networks Modeling MPhil Davis Information systems
ZHANG, Zhe Evolutionary algorithm based voxel classification in brain MR images MITM Xia PG Courswork (18 Credit point project)


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