2009 Faculty of Engineering & IT Research Conversazione Posters

Student Poster Title Degree Supervisor Category
ACKAD, Christopher  Moving Beyond Appliance Computing on Embedded Displays Hons Kay Computer Science
CONSTABLE, James Integrating Verb-Particle Constructions into CCG Parsing Hons Curran Computer Science
DAWBORN, Tim CCG Parsing with one Structure per n-gram Hons Curran Computer Science
DOMINGUEZ, Anna  Data Mining for Individualised Hints in e-Learning Hons Yacef / Curran Computer Science
HOLMAN, Mark Static-Image-Based Non Invasive Construction of Parametric Images in Neurological Functional Imaging Hons Kim / Wen Computer Science
KHOURY, Raymes  PS3 Accelerating Matrix Languages with the Cell Broadband Engine Hons Scholz Computer Science
KUMMERFELD, Jonathan  Adaptive Supertagging for Faster Parsing Hons Curran Computer Science
LIN, Huairen An Integrated Approach to Extracting Ontological Structures from Folksonomies PhD Davis Information Systems
LIU, Wei A Game Theoretical Model for Adversarial Learning PhD Chawla Computer Science
LIU, Yi Interactive Hierarchical SOM for Image Retrieval Visualization MPhil Takatsuka Computer Science
NGUYEN, Lu Unifying Global and Local Outlier Detection Using Commute Time Distance PhD Chawla Computer Science
NIU, Jin Efficient Similarity Measurement for Content-Based Video Retrieval in P2P Networks Coursework Feng / WangZ PG Courswork (18 Credit point project)
PINK, Glen Safe Execution of Dynamically-Loaded Code on Mobile Devices Hons Kummerfeld Computer Science
RADFORD, Will Tracking Information Flow in Finance Text Hons Curran / Hachey Information Systems
RINGLAND, Nicky Classifying articles in English and German Wikipedia MPhil Curran Information Systems
SI, Weisheng A Geometric Deployment and Routing Scheme for Directional Wireless Mesh Networks PhD Zomaya Computer Science
TARDIF, Sam Detailed Text Categorisation for Wikipedia Hons Curran / Murphy Information Systems 
WANG, Tai-Chun Higher reliable tag SNP Selection Strategies in Plants PhD Zomaya Information Systems
YUM, Christina  Towards Ubiquitous Task Management Hons Kay Information Systems
ZHOU, Jianliang Contour Tree Controlled Automatic Transfer Function Generation PhD Takatsuka Computer Science


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