2014 School of IT Research Conversazione Posters

Photo gallery of the 2014 Research Conversazione

Student Poster Supervisor Category
AHN, Euijoon Automated Saliency-based Melanoma Detection in Dermoscopic Images Kim MIT
BLAU, Tom A wavelet based approach for solar irradiance forecasting Koprinska Honours
CARPO, Marjorie eGuardian Angel: Mobile Application for Individual Improvement PoonS Honours
CHEHAB, Houda Dynamic Composition of 3D Graphic Streams Takatsuka Honours
CHISHOLM, Andrew Disambiguating Entities with Web Links Hachey PhD
CHOI, Joon Tae Exploring the Scalability Benefits of Relaxed Structural Invariance Gramoli Honours
CLAYPHAN, Andrew Technology Supported Group Ideation in the Classroom Kay PhD
CUI, Hui Topology constraint graph-based model for non-small-cell lung tumor segmentation WangX PhD
FANG, Alex Tuning online neural networks with reinforcement learning Ramos Honours

Statistical optimisation under uncertainty
Winner - NICTA Prize for best research project work

Ramos PhD
GALILEE, Jack A Study on Implementing Iterative Algorithms using BigData Frameworks Zhou Honours
HOGUE, Alexander Unsupervised Biographical Event Extraction Using Wikipedia Traffic Curran Honours
HORTON, Michael Classification of Passes in Football Matches using Spatiotemporal Data Gudmundsson PhD
HOSKING, Cameron Simulating millions of insects using the GPU Charleston Honours
HUGHES, Kristy Using locality sensitive hashing for fast approximate named entitiy linking Curran Honours
JUNG, Youn hyun Multi-Modality PET-CT Imaging Visualization Feng PhD
LEUNG, Jessie Integrating Entity Relations into the Biomedical Event Extraction Pipeline Poon Honours
LEW, Anthony ViralVis: Visual Analytic Framework for Viral Marketing Hong Honours
LI, Vivan Tackling the intractibility of inferring species trees from multiple gene trees Charleston Honours
LI, Michael Ang Cominatorial Bayesian and Dirichlet Model for MR Prostate Image Segmentation via Probablistic Image Features Feng Mphil
LIU, Siqi Multi-Phase Neuroimaging Feature Learning for Neurodegenerative Disease Diagnosis Cai, PhD
MALLON, Stephen SDN Controller on a Many Core Architecture Gramoli Honours
MARCHANT, Roman Sequential Bayesian Optimisation for Spatial-Temporal Monitoring Ramos PhD
MEIDIANA, Amyra Visual Analytics of Multi-Relational Networks Hong Honours
NG, Dominick Exploiting Large Corpora for Parsing
Winner - SIT Prize for best research project work
Curran PhD
PANG, Tinlok Learning audio features for music classification and recommendation with deep learning
Winner - SIT Prize for best  project work within an Honours or Masters degree
Ramos Honours
PARRENO, Dean The Development of an Evaluation Tool for Community-Based Enterprise Development PoonS Honours
PRAMARTHA, Cokorda Rai Adi Digital preservation of cultural heritage Davis PhD
PU, Tianyu Improved prediction of hospital length of stay for severe injury
Winner - SIT Prize for best  project work within an Honours or Masters degree
Koprinska Honours
PURIC, Tomislav Category Independent Object Detection via Saliency Maps WangZ Honours
ROBERTSON, Callum Implementing linearizable range queries for non-blocking data structures Gramoli Honours
RYAN, Thomas Multi-Tier Resource Allocation in Distributed Systems Lee Honours
SABIR, Kenny Visual Analytics of Chromosome 3D Structure Hong PhD
SHANG, Di Highly concurrent linked list and skiplist Gramoli Honours
SU, Henry Deterministic Model for Causality Reasoning PoonS Honours
SWAN, Michael A novel approach to identifying vascular structures from infrared imaging based on structural flux responses Kim Honours
TALWAR, Arunim Visualization of Massive Streaming Data using an Artificial Neural Network Takatsuka Honours
TANG, Lie Ming Towards Long Term Goals: Gamified Tangible Internet Connected Goal Buttons Kay PhD
TRAN, Nathan Predicting execution time bag-of-tasks in real distributed environments Taheri Honours
WEBSTER, Kellie Cognitively Aware Conference Curran PhD
XU, Donna Evaluating Dependability and Performance for Machine Learning at Scale Chawla Honours
YANG, Joanne Linking Locations with Geo Data Curran Honours
YEKEH, Farahnaz Personal Hypothesis Evaluation based on ubicomp sensors using pervasive displays Kay PhD
YOUSHEYAH, Catherine eGuardian Angel Social Network Analysis through Agent Based Simulation PoonS Honours
ZHANG, Fan Intelligent Image-based Lung Nodule Classification
Winner - SIT Prize for best research project work
Cai PhD
ZHONG, Heng Detecting Herb Activity in Chinese Literature Using Ontology and Rule-Based Approach PoonJ Honours


The School of Information Technologies accepts no responsibility for the content of the posters and abstracts herein published. The material displayed on this website, and at Research Conversazione 2014 is made available by students of the School for the benefit of industry and for comment and feedback from industry on work which in many cases is ongoing.