2013 School of IT Research Conversazione Posters

Photo gallery of the 2013 Research Conversazione

Student Name Poster Supervisor Category
ACKAD, Christopher WellMet: for small groups working on long term projects Kay PhD
BABAIE, Tara A Unified Approach to Network Anomaly Detection Chawla PhD
BARUA, Debjanee Goals as Foundations for User Control over Personal Lifelong Data in Pervasive Computing Kay PhD
BERMEISTER, Sasha Nesting Transactions of Mixed Forms Gramoli Honours
CASAS, Israel Scientific workflow on  Cloud Environment: Job Scheduling and Data Replication Zomaya Honours
CHARTERS, James EAGLE: a novel local image descriptor for enhanced leaf image retrieval
Winner Research Portfolio Commercialization Prize
WangZ/Feng MIT
CHE, Hangyu Multi-view Features Fusion for Alzheimer's Disease Prognosis Cai/Feng MIT
CHEN, Andrew Open Sensing Smartphone Framework for Diabetes Management
Winner Faculty of Engineering and IT Prize for the best research project work in HCT
Kim Honours
CLAYPHAN, Andrew Orchestration in Ubiquitous and Pervasive Environments Kay/Martinez PhD
CUNNINGHAM, Felicity Analysis of Variants of the Subset Sum Algorithm for Bin Packing Mestre Honours
DESHPANDE, Vinita A Fast and Accurate Classification Tool for Fungal Species Identification using Genomic Sequences
Winner SIT Prize for Best research project within an Honours or Masters by Coursework degree
Charleston Honours
DICK, Ian The No Hot Spot Non-Blocking Skip List for Unmanaged Languages
Winner Smart Services CRC Prize for best research project work within an Honours or Masters by Coursework degree
Gramoli Honours

A polynomial time solution for the Widespread Cophylogeny Reconstruction Problem
Winner NICTA Prize for best research project work

Charleston PhD
GOYAL, Shagun Developing an instrument for CER in the context of evaluating Traditional Chinese Medicine PoonS Honours
HOWE, David Clustering and anomaly detection in tropical cyclones Chawla MIT
HUANG, Robin A level-set approach to 3D statistical shape modelling of nasal cavity for airflow analysis Kim Honours
KANNAN, Barath Designing a Collaborative Environment for Remote Laboratories Lowe Honours
LI, Ang Prostate MR Image Segmentation WangX/Feng/Li MPhil
LIU, Siqi Early diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease with deep learning Cai/Feng MITM
MCGRANE, Martin Estimating Mutation Distance between Biological Networks Charleston PhD
MEDVEDIEV, Kyrylo Machine Learning for Fusion of Spatial Data in Geothermal Exploration Ramos MITM
PINK, Glen Challenges in slot filling Curran PhD
RADU, Alex A fast and accurate method for aligning biological networks Charleston PhD
ROSADO, Amber An interactive tool for visualization of complex genetic interactions Charleston Honours
SABIR, Kenneth Molecular Control Toolkit Lowe PhD
SEETHAMRAJU, Jaya Impact of BI use on process level performance Davis MPhil
SHARIF NABAVI, Shaghayegh Preserving Privacy for Workflow Executions in Hybrid Clouds Zomaya/Taheri PhD
SILVESTRINI, Cameron Random Data Layouts Mestre Honours
SU, Alan Large Scale Causal Complexity Analysis and its application in Traditional Chinese Medicine PoonS Honours
TWYBLE, Jonathon Personal Contact Relationship Management Kay Honours
WEBSTER, Kellie Resolving common noun references Curran PhD
WONG, Adrian A Measurement Model for Governing Projects developed on a Multidisciplinary Foundation PoonS Honours
YANG, Andrian Bioinformatics analysis of intragenomic interactions of Polyomaviruses Charleston Honours
YEKEH, Farahnaz Tackling long term goals by testing Personal Hypotheses based on Ubiquitous Sensing Kay PhD
ZHAN, Kai Smart glasses - A new elderly living style Ramos PhD
ZHANG, Hailing Expression Snippets: A robust method for dynamic facial expression recognition WangZ/Feng MIT
ZHANG, Tong Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Smart Infrastructure Systems
Winner Smart Services CRC Prize for best research project work
Feng/Xia PhD


The School of Information Technologies accepts no responsibility for the content of the posters and abstracts herein published. The material displayed on this website, and at Research Conversazione 2013 is made available by students of the School for the benefit of industry and for comment and feedback from industry on work which in many cases is ongoing.