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SydneyHack 2016: Pedestrian Safety Hackathon

School of IT and Sydney Accelerator Network (SAN) in collaboration with the Data Analytics Centre (DAC), Government of NSW successfully organised the first SydneyHack 2016 hackathon on the theme of pedestrian safety over the weekend starting Friday, 9 September 2016. It started at 6pm on 9 September 2016 and concluded 48 hours later on Sunday evening, 11 September. The goal was to encourage Sydney-based university students to work in teams with data to come up with data-driven and evidence-based solutions to the pedestrian safety problem in NSW. Pedestrian fatalities represent about one fifth of the road toll and as high as a third of all road deaths in metropolitan areas in the state.

A vast amount of relevant data was assembled by DAC and the teams applied a wide range of techniques to generate valid insights to help develop a good understanding of the problem, to attempt useful predictions, and to offer policy guidelines.

140 students from 5 Sydney-based universities participated in the hackathon in 36 teams. The winning teams were:

First Prize: Crash Test Dummies - $5000 PwC Prize and 4 internships offers at the Data Analytics Centre, NSW Government.
1. Patrick Eades (SIT, USYD)
2. Eleanor Rogers (USYD, Education)
3. Bing Ong (UTS)
4. Yogitha Mariappa (UTS)

Second Prize: PFC, $2000 School of IT Prize and 4 Xbox One consoles (Microsoft), and the Best Collaboration Atlassian Prize of $500,

1. Patricia Kavinski
2. Maricel Manongdo
3. Alex Scriven
4. Amey Soo (UTS)

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants!

The School intends to organise SydneyHack on different topics every year.


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