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Stories from 2015

The Conversation, 27 October 2015
From student to start-up – how a PhD can boost budding businesses
What should an undergraduate student who’s inspired to change the world do? Should they continue their education in a PhD or found a startup? I have recently done both – at the same time – and my experience suggests the combination is better than you might expect.

BRW, 9 October 2015
How Grok Learning uses fake Shakespeare sonnets and microwaved marshmallows to teach computers to kids
It’s called a Shakespeare-bot. A group of ten-year-olds have written a basic computer program based on language patterns. Plug hundreds of words into the program and it will begin to spit out fake Shakespeare sonnets.
More..., 22 August 2015
Health and social services jobs set to soar
Postgraduate health students have one key thing over others: when they've finished their studies, they can make a real difference in our world – shape policy, help manage outbreaks of disease, innovate, educate and save lives.

China Daily Asia, 19 August 2015
TCM research - a collaboration between HK, Sydney
Health IT experts at the University of Sydney will establish a Joint Big-Data Laboratory for Integrative Medicine with the with the Hong Kong Institute of Integrative Medicine.

The Conversation, 21 August 2015
Protecting the rights of the digital workforce in the ‘gig’ economy
Spurred by advances in digital technology, an on-demand workforce has been growing steadily for well over a decade, creating a new “gig” economy.

ABC News24 #TalkAboutIt, 15 August 2015
An applied approach to IT security being taught at SIT this semester features in this segment on hacking.
Lecturer Luke Anderson discusses his course on 'white hat hacking' practices - INFO5010 IT Advanced Topic: Applied Cyber Security - that teaches students with hands-on practical labs how to identify security threats on various system levels, to secure an IT system effectively and to defend it against cyber attacks.

ABC RN Breakfast, 7 August 2015
Experts gather at Sydney University to discuss the 'unfinished robot revolution'
They used to be a thing of science fiction, but robots are a reality, taking on many of the tasks usually performed by humans.

ABC Radio, 16 June 2015
IT groups concerned about delays in new national digital school curriculum
If you ask the major parties about computers and schools, they'll all tell you that they want kids to be IT-literate from an early age. But is it happening in practice?

2GB, 8 February 2015
Life and Technology
This week, Charlie speaks to Fabio Ramos on artificial intelligence

Stories from 2014

China Daily, 7 November 2014
Science without borders
Sydney-based scientist conducting pioneering research in China sees it as a way of repaying his country of birth.

The Australian, 26 October 2014
Sydney researches get grant to work with UAE uni on big data
Computing experts from Australia and the United Arab Emirates will work together to find better methods for exploring and exploiting big data.
More..., 23 August 2014
Have data, am a fast learner
The World Economic Forum has highlighted 10 emerging technologies...Australian universities are at the forefront of many of these technologies.
More..., 9 August 2014
An examined life taken to a new level
Apps record every activity you can think of, and some you wouldn't, writes Mark White.Apps record every activity you can think of, and some you wouldn't, writes Mark White.

The Australian, 7 August 2014
Marketing drives collection to track our habits
Google, Facebook and Twitter already collect so much data about their users that they can target ­advertising to match your consumption, know your location and track your deepest desires.

The Conversation, 29 July 2014
C'mon girls, let’s program a better tech industry
Twitter is the latest tech company to reveal figures showing women are still underrepresented in the information and communication technology (ICT) workforce.
More..., 4 June 2014
Artificial intelligence annotates medical images
Biomedical research students at the University of Sydney have joined international efforts to improve the automatic interpretation of 3D anatomical images used by health practitioners.

Canberra Times, 4 June 2014
Victorian government commits $3m to lift ICT and attract technology workers
After spending three years getting its own high-tech house in order, the Victorian government has turned its attention elsewhere, with a $3 million plan to make companies more tech-savvy and get more people working in the technology sector. More…

ITWire, 2 June 2014
E-waste controls needed to manage cloud transition
A University of Sydney professor has warned that the move to cloud computing could exacerbate Australia's e-waste problems. More…

Daily Mail Online 30 May 2014
Checkup for Friday May 30 – Chinese Medicine
A Hong Kong hospital has asked Australian researchers to help explain why many stroke survivors prefer a combination of Western and Chinese therapies. More…

The Australian, 25 March 2014
Primary students learn to program
Computer programming could be mandatory for schoolchildren from age eight pending a key government review as a public-private funding arrangement to spend $23 million training teachers in tech is mooted. More...

Australian Anthill, 17 March 2014
How Cruiser is revolutionising group collaboration
You can now swipe images and videos off a wall in Melbourne to a table in Sydney. Actually, to any surface anywhere in the world. More...

Image Magazines, 11 March 2014
Smart Services CRC launch Cruiser Interactive company with connected surfaces software
An innovative software platform from the new spin-off company of Smart Services CRC – Cruiser Interactive – that turns walls, tables, whiteboards and smart devices into touchscreen networks for group collaboration is set to debut at the Connect Expo 2014. More..., 12 January 2014
Computer science reforms to test teachers’ skills
School children will begin learning the principles of computer programming from kindergarten under the new national curriculum. But there are concerns teachers would be seriously ill-equipped to take on the ambitious reform agenda without significant retraining. More...

Stories from 2013

Brisbane Times, 21 October, 2013
Thought-controlled computers closer than we think
We've gone from the mouse to Kinect-style gesture control in some 30 years. Might the next frontier in computer interfaces be controlling machines just by thinking about them? More...

Technology Spectator, 31 July 2013
Making ICT Careers Week redundant
If you love technology but are also passionate about the environment, music or even politics, there is a space for you to have a career in ICT. More…

inAVate, 3 June 2013
University explores how to promote interactive information displays
Information technology researchers at the University of Sydney argue that a number of challenges must be overcome before interactive elements to public displays can be used to their full potential. More...

ABC Radio Australia with Desley Blanch, 16 May 2013
Diabetes management app
Three final year information technologies students have combined their talents to create a mobile phone app to help diabetics better manage their condition. More...

Sydney Morning Herald, 11 April 2013
Where are all the female obituaries?
Earlier this week we saw the death of a high profile woman (Margaret Thatcher) interrupt the news cycle on an international scale, but last week a much more unlikely obituary caused a social media outcry. More...

Sydney Morning Herald, 26 March 2013
Start-ups swimming in venture capital
Seed funding for tech companies is plentiful right now, writes Asher Moses. More…

SBS, 23 December 2012
Breaking through the wall of Chinese language
Accessing information locked in Chinese-language documents is virtually impossible if you don't speak the language, but the process could become much easier with new technology developed in Australia. More…